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Welcome to
Bradner EcoVillage

The Garden Where People Grow

Our Story

We are a group of people who came together and discovered a shared vision.  Almost like magic, we were presented with the possibility of an ecovillage that we thought might have been out of reach.  We were pulled by a property desiring new people to be added to its creations and we were hooked. This is the start of an EcoVillage of people who are kind, caring and willing to be stewards to the earth that provides so abundantly for us.  

Our Mission

We are a collaborative community living in harmony with the land to create food sustainability and security, working together with and for the community utilizing innovative ideas for continual growth, development and expansion in living, housing, health and wellness.

Our Vision

Our target is to create a sustainable community which is kind and nurturing to each other and allowing the earth to provide for us, through our stewardship.  We share our abundance and knowledge with neighbouring communities and we collaborate with other eco-villages throughout the world.


Curious to see what a community is like? Interested in learning more about an EcoVillage?  We welcome people to visit, volunteer your time and skills and afterwards, enjoy the property.  We have many opportunities to volunteer and get to know the property and community. Whether it’s a full intensive integration for a period of time or a couple hours here or there, there’s something for everyone’s interests at Bradner EcoVillage. Spend your free time by the pool, forest bathing in the woods or relaxing by the pond. Connect with us to see how you can discover and contribute to our community in a way that works for you.

Please note: Public transit, is a 7 km / 30 minute or so walk away, so a quick taxi or Uber ride may be a more appropriate suggestion.

Members & Investors

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